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Art Flick Chapter Trout Unlimited


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~  FEBRUARY 2018  ~ 

     It is the first day of February as I write this and there is snow on the ground. We are halfway to Spring. Hopefully it will be a wet season as we desperately need rain for our ground water. Ponds and rivers are low or dried up after the several year drought. I don’t mind fishing in the rain so long as it isn’t a downpour. Some of the best days are those drizzly days with BWOs coming off throughout the day. 

 The Fly Fishing Show at its new location in Edison was last weekend. I did see some of you there, picking up gear and casting some rods. These shows help stave off the cabin fever. Remember that the Long Island Fly Fishing Expo will be March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. Our chapter is a sponsor and will again have a table to let the public know who we are, what we do. We will be tying some flies, and recruiting new members. Please sign up to volunteer to help out at our booth or sell tickets at the door.

Tuesday, February 20th will be our first monthly fishing outing at Connetquot State Park. It will be one session from 11:00-3:00 pm. The park has been fishing well with many Rainbows in the 16-18” range and some 20” or better. The fee is $25 and you are not restricted to one beat. We will limit the number of anglers to 12. Reservations will be taken with payment at the meeting first come first serve. If you are new to fly fishing and would like to have someone to help you out, let us know and one of us will work with you.

Saturday fly tying at the Patchogue-Medford Library has been going well. We have a good bunch of tyers of all experience levels from beginners to advanced. We have a lot of fun and learn much from each other. Come down and tie with us. It is free and no experience or equipment necessary.

This month’s meeting will be on Tuesday, February 13th. John Horner, will be whipping up a few of his favorite flies and talking about his techniques for tying the patterns and how, when, and where he fishes them. John is a fantastic tyer and his flies are amazing. Come early and bring your gear that you would like to sell, trade, or donate and money to pick up some used gear from fellow members.

We will have a nice raffle including a chance to win a trip to the West Branch Angler with us in June. Bring a friend, spouse, or youth to this month’s meeting.

Hope to see you there,

Tight lines!!

        Tony Ertola,  President

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                                                                                                                                                                                Artwork Donated to TU by James Prosek

  STILL A FEW WEEKS TO GET THOSE EMPTY FLY BOXES READY FOR SPRING... join the group and craft your own flies for the upcoming season...  JUST DO IT!      <"{{{{{>< 

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