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Art Flick Chapter Trout Unlimited


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DEC Announces Public Meeting Series on "Trout Stream Management " in New York State...
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                                                                                                                                                                    Artwork Donated to TU by James Prosek


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~  OCTOBER 2017  ~ 


Each year, October brings mixed feelings to me.  I love the cool mornings, changing colors of the foliage, and warmth of a fire in the hearth.  October also brings me sadness with the close of another fishing season on the Carmans River within Southaven County Park.  I had some wonderful days and evenings on the river, but did not fish it nearly as much as I would have liked.  This year, I missed season’s “Closing Day Fishing” with angling friends whom I have shared this tradition with for many years. 

I hope that many of you have taken the time to fish the river as much as you can.  Time seems to move ever so quickly these days and if you don’t do the things you love today, they’re gone before you know it. The Carmans River is a special place for me and I try not to take for granted that it will always be there because it may not. It takes the voices and actions of those that value & care about it to preserve the beauty and fishing quality that it offers us. Take the time to share with family, friends, politicians, how much it means to you that places like this exist and how important it is that they will be here for the generations to come..  

On Thursday evening, November 2nd, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation  will be holding a Trout Management meeting in Hauppauge, NY. The meeting is open to the public and comments will be heard. This is your opportunity as a trout angler to ask questions, express concerns and voice opinions.  The DEC wants to know what Angler’s want so they can manage the fishery accordingly. Would you prefer bigger stocked fish VS more smaller fish? More Catch & Release water? This is your chance, so come and speak up! 

Last month the Board and I proposed changing the monthly meeting date to the second Tuesday of the month.  I announced it in the Red Quill Newsletter, President’s page, and discussed it at the meeting. I did not hear or receive any opposition. The change will take place in January 2018. 

This month we will have Jeff Yates, Fly Fishing Guide, Author, and Director of Volunteer Operations for TU National.  He will be sharing with us his presentation on fly fishing trout streams in Connecticut. For those that are unaware, the Farmington River is a fantastic tailwater fishery that has fishable water all year long and is relatively close to home, one of New England’s finest rivers. So, join us on the evening, and learn some tips & secret spots where all those 20 inchers hide. Well, maybe not Jeff’s secret spots but some good ones and how to fish them.  He can also talk with us and answer questions about what is happening with TU National.  

Come on down, bring a friend, your spouse, (or anyone else that gets excited about Angling & Conservation…), swap some fish tales, buy some raffles, and enjoy a great presentation. 

I Hope to see you there. 


Tight lines!!

        Tony Ertola,  President



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    "NEW BEGINNINGS..."   AFTU Chapter member Tom Russo sharing some recent photos of two "future river stewards", his twin sons, enjoying a late summer day in the Southern Catskills chasing wild trout on the Neversink River.  Tom reports each of his young sons landed their first trout, each rising to Dry Flies... and then some!  He hopes to see them fly tying next.   Keep up the good work Tom... we applaud you!

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 WEEKLY PHOTOS:  AFTU members were treated to a casting session of Orvis Company's recently released "Orvis Helios3" series fly rod before the Chapter's September monthly meeting.  Dan Damiani, Fishing Manager of Orvis Company store in Garden City, NY brought a sampling of the new rods as well as other models for comparative casting, etc.  AFTU members welcomed the opportunity to test cast their newest edition to Orvis' line of rods...

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