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Art Flick Chapter Trout Unlimited

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               621x442b_embrace a stream_james prosek_file0525.jpg

                                                                                                                                                                    Artwork Donated to TU by James Prosek


      word art2_presidents line logo with fly line.png

                                          "A CASUAL SUMMER"

                                                                  ~  AUGUST 2016  ~ 


 The other day, I forgot exactly where, I overheard one man telling another man “as long as it doesn’t rain, I don’t care how hot it gets!”.  I was a little taken back by the statement, as if rain was an alien being. According to the DEC, we are and have been for some time now in a drought.  Reports of low river levels across the state, stories of dead fish in sections of the Croton system and advisories not to fish certain rivers have reached me. I declared a sabbatical from fishing for trout this summer, kind of give the fish a break and not stress them any more beyond Mother Nature. Its up to each and everyone of us to make that decision. I did try my hand at some Sun fish the other day and had some fun. Hopefully cooler weather & temperatures will return and some much needed rain will fall on us.  As for the guy who doesn’t like the rain, obviously he’s not a fisherman.

Our meeting schedule will begin next month.  Our first speaker will present his trip to Montana. I was scheduled to go to Ireland this month, but that trip was cancelled due to a family emergency. Maybe next year!  If anyone did anything they would like to present at a meeting please email me, my address is on our webpage under “governance”.  Any fishing or conservation related picture please send them to Phil Kee to post on our site. Enjoy the rest of the summer, be SAFE, and see you in September!


Tight lines!!
        Tom Walsh,  President


   portrait_142x213_tom walsh_img_0901.png 

Photos of the Week...   

        Connecting with Nature... leisure on the Carmans River.

   fishing carmans1_dscn1385.png

   fishing carmans2_dscn1387.png



In the Limelight...

     Congrats to Bill Sheridan's grandson, Robert, with a fine catch during the AFTU Summer Outing & BBQ at
     Connetquot State Park in Oakdale, New York on Monday, August 1st.  Fall and the cooler weather & water
     is just around the bend... 

   640x480_aftu connetquot outing_aug2017_1.png.png









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