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Art Flick Chapter Trout Unlimited


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Special raffle... featuring a beautiful Paul Young taper Bamboo fly rod. The rod was made from an imported blank donated by Pres. Tony Ertola, and beautifully assembled and finished with premium components by Doug Ernst. Tickets will be $20 each or 3 for $50. Only 50 tickets will be sold. Proceeds to benefit Stream Improvements & Youth Education projects. Contact V.P. Paul Puma for Tickets/Donations...*email: Paulpuma50[at] / Phone: (631)766-8866 or obtain at a Chapter Meeting.


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~  APRIL 2018  ~


  Opening day of trout season on the Carman’s River has been a tradition for me for many years.  Today was no exception, even though it was Easter Sunday.  A man needs to have his priorities in order!  These priorities have gotten me into trouble in my younger days but I won’t get into that here.  These days my family knows it’s best to just let me do my thing on Opening Day.  For me, it is a time not just to catch fish, but to wet the line & waders, see the condition & changes of the river, and meet friends & new fellow anglers.  I did much of that today.  The river is in good shape.  There is a good amount of water flowing this year which should help the fish hold in some of the upstream areas that were very shallow and mostly barren last year.  Let’s hope the water levels stay up.  There are also a good number of trees that have fallen into the river and an even greater number that have fallen and been cut up on the land near the banks.  The down falls near the banks may come to good use this year. Since we were unable to hold our annual clean up this year, there is some liter in the river and on the banks and trails.  Please pick up a few items on your way out if possible.

Many of our chapter members participated in the first meeting with the Boy Scouts at Miller Place High School last Tuesday evening, March 27.  There were approximately 40 or so scouts present and 12 AFTU volunteers helping them to tie Wooly Buggers, learn to tie fishing knots and learn to cast a fly rod.  Everyone had a great time!  The troop leaders said that they have never seen the kids so engaged.  Not a single mobile phone came out! Each scout tied a fly and had a go with casting a rod. It was quite an undertaking and a great success.  Thanks to all who participated, and to Carmine from the Campsite Sport Shop for supplying the materials to tie the flies.  This Tuesday, April 3rd, we will be fishing with the scouts at Connetquot River State Park from 8 AM until Noon.  We will fish with the scouts in the morning and may fish ourselves in the afternoon.  We are looking for a few additional volunteers to mentor the scouts.  If you are interested in helping out, contact Paul Puma A.S.A.P. Email: Paulpuma50[at] or Telephone: (631) 766-8866. Our next regular Connetquot River fishing outing will be April 17th.

Also on Saturday, April 7, we will be again helping out at the Spring Fishing Festival at Belmont Lake State Park. We will setup an AFTU display table and do some fly casting instruction. The kids can also use help casting the spin-casting outfits and drowning some Garden Hackle. If you are interested in helping out, contact George Costa so that you won’t have to pay the parking fee.

This month’s meeting will feature Mitch Fine giving us a presentation on “Saltwater Fly Fishing On Long Island’s North Shore”.  We will also have our regular meeting raffle as well as a Special raffle featuring a beautiful Paul Young taper Bamboo fly rod.  The rod was made from an imported blank and beautifully assembled and finished with premium components by Doug Ernst.  Tickets will be $20 each or 3 for $50. Only 50 tickets will be sold. Proceeds will be used for stream improvements and youth education projects.  Come on down to the meeting and show your support.  Let us know how the fishing and catching is going for you this year, and if you are new to the sport, let us know and we will hook you up with a mentor. Bring a dish if you like and a friend or spouse too.


Tight lines!!

        Tony Ertola,  President



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               621x442b_embrace a stream_james prosek_file0525.jpg

                                                                                                                                                                                Artwork Donated to TU by James Prosek

  IN THE SPOTLIGHT“PAYING IT FORWARD” AFTU volunteers recently spent an evening with BSA Troop 204 at the Millers Place High School educating them about the works of TROUT UNLIMITED, and introducing them to Fly rod casting, Fly Tying, Knot Tying, and a planned field trip in April to the Connetquot River State Park where the young scouts can cast their flies, be close & up front with the natural environment, and witness the importance of Clean, Cold water associated with the fisheries.  (Photos: Courtesy of Ron Kee)

  710x_paying it forward_bsa troop 204.jpg

"APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS" ... On a cold cloud filled winter like spring morning Tuesday, April 3rd., BSA members from Troop 204 & Leaders/Parents joined members of AFTU in cooperation with the Connetquot River State Park to try their hands at fly fishing as promised.  The cold morning had action slow to start but as noon approached the fish became much more active & cooperative for the young would-be anglers.  Photos below capture some of the scouts in action and successes  on the day... and perhaps one day future River Stewards!













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