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Art Flick Chapter Trout Unlimited


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                                                                                                                                                                    Artwork Donated to TU by James Prosek


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~  JULY 2017  ~ 


As the newly elected President of AFTU for the 2017/18 term, I’d like to start by giving recognition and thanks to Tom Walsh for his leadership and contributions as President the past two years.  Tom’s focus and emphasis on “environmental awareness” of our local rivers served as a much needed reminder of our mission.  Tom also finally established sensible zip code designations for our chapter with the cooperation of our neighboring chapter Long Island Trout Unlimited and TU National.  This has been an issue for many years that no one else could seem to resolve.  

I would also like to thank George Costa who has stepped down as Treasurer and Board member after many years of being an officer in various roles.  His contributions have been many, and we will continue to rely on his counsel and support moving forward.  George Sudlow has also stepped down from the Board but thankfully will continue to be our Membership Coordinator.  

I would also like to give a big thanks to Chuck Neuner and Doug Ernst for their generous bamboo rod contributions.  This has enabled our chapter to raise some much needed funds.  

This past year also was noted for the start of our Veteran’s Service Partnership program by Vice President Paul Puma.  Paul has begun working with “Project Healing Waters” and we look forward to helping the Veterans learn to experience the joys of trout fishing and fly tying as much as we do.  I would also like to welcome to the Board, Lyle Finger and John Bianco.  We look forward to their ideas and contributions.  

July is nearly here as I write this.  The Spring hatches are over.  Many trout anglers have turned to fluke fishing or golf, and once again the Carman’s River is mostly quiet!  Fortunately, this Spring has been cool & wet, and there remains a nice flow of cool water in the park.  Fishing has been good this year, and continues to be so for those that have patience and stealth.  Most of the fish have been caught a few times and are no longer easily fooled with an Adams or Elk Hair Caddis.  A stealthy approach and a perfect drift is needed to catch even the little Brookies that were so easily fooled a month ago.  This is the time of year I like best on the Carman’s.  The river is full of life.  The foliage is lush and green, the birds are singing, Muskrats, turtles and deer are in the river, lots of terrestrial insects on the water, and fewer anglers.  Early mornings or evenings are the time to fish now.  Terrestrials, various caddis, Cahills, midges are my usual fly choices.  Each day can be a surprise as to what you will find on the water.   I hope that you take an opportunity to get out there on the river and appreciate the beautiful river that we work to preserve.  

In August we will have our first Board of Directors meeting for the upcoming 2017/18 session.  We will work on a new and exciting strategic plan.  Stay tuned…  


Tight lines!!

        Tony Ertola,  President




   640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esm517a_resized.png

   640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esmtr517b_resized.png

   640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esmtr517c_resized.png  

   (Pictured above is AFTU Board Director John Vatalaro assisting East Manor High School Life Skills students in the release of their Brook Trout young of the year.  The students are participants in the "Trout In the Classroom" program which exposes students to the Natural World by having them hatch Trout from eggs, and then raise them from fry to young adults for release in the wilds.  The process has the students responsible for maintaining proper water chemistry, feeding levels and overall quality of rearing environment in the classroom setting.  Congratulations on raising & releasing 250 plus sustainable Brook Trout.



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   Upper Carmans River gets habitat enhancement: construction of second Fish Ladder...


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                                                                                                                                                                                           PHOTOS BY PHIL KEE









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