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Art Flick Chapter Trout Unlimited


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                                                                                                                                                                    Artwork Donated to TU by James Prosek


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~  AUGUST 2017  ~ 


 The August dog days of summer are here!  Thankfully we have had a wet Spring and now again some rain to keep the rivers cool, and in good shape. Of late, we’ve had some very hot days. I’d like to remind all who Trout fish during the summer heat to restrict their fishing time to mornings unless it is a cool day. At dusk after a long hot day, the water temps are still too warm in the Carman’s River as well as most of the freestone streams upstate. 

The tailwater rivers stay cool near their dams, but gradually warm as one moves farther downriver. It is always a good idea to carry a stream thermometer while fishing this time of year. The fish and their tolerance for activity in warmer water varies somewhat from stream to stream but as a rule it is a good idea to avoid fishing when the water temperature hits 70 degrees and above. Early mornings can provide fantastic fishing with terrestrials. There are lots of bugs that find their way into the water and provide good dry fly action. You may not see consistent rises, but toss an ant, beetle, cricket, or small hopper near an undercut bank or vegetation and see what happens. There are also many largemouth bass in the upper sections of the Carman’s River which is concerning to many of us. This is native Brook Trout habitat. Please feel free to remove legal size bass 12” or longer. They are usually characterized by huge heads and little bodies due to the less than optimal environment for warm water species.

Next Month will be our first meeting of the season on Monday, September 11 at 7:30 PM. Prior to the meeting Dan Damiani, the fishing manager from Orvis Store- Garden City NY, will join us with some of the new Helios 3 rods for us to cast, so come early and test drive some of Orvis’ latest rod models. The evening’s speaker will be our own Ed Zero showing and telling about his fishing trip to Alaska. I hear that this will be a presentation that you won’t want to miss.

We will have updates on chapter projects & activities, conservation news, awesome raffle prizes and of course plenty of fishing tales from summer trips. Maybe some free food and weak coffee as well...


Tight lines!!

        Tony Ertola,  President




   640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esm517a_resized.png

   640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esmtr517b_resized.png

   640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esmtr517c_resized.png  

   (Pictured above is AFTU Board Director John Vatalaro assisting East Manor High School Life Skills students in the release of their Brook Trout young of the year.  The students are participants in the "Trout In the Classroom" program which exposes students to the Natural World by having them hatch Trout from eggs, and then raise them from fry to young adults for release in the wilds.  The process has the students responsible for maintaining proper water chemistry, feeding levels and overall quality of rearing environment in the classroom setting.  Congratulations on raising & releasing 250 plus sustainable Brook Trout.










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