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     AFTU actively supports youth education programs each year that encourage Environmental Stewardship and Cold Water Fisheries Conservation.  These programs are intended to bring youth in contact with the outdoors to stimulate awareness & concern for the natural environment, and to nurture a next generation of conservationists & stewards for our rivers & streams.

In part, it is one of the missions of wildlife & fisheries conservation organizations like TU to help create an environment conducive to long term sustainability of programs in environmental stewardship and conservation of fragile resources like the welfare of our cold water fisheries which TU embraces.  

Programs that AFTU currently provides leadership initiative and/or support to include:

 “TROUT IN THE CLASSROOM” (TIC)…Connecting students with their watersheds.
• Raise trout from eggs to fingerlings
• Monitor water quality
• Engage in stream habitat study
• Appreciate water resources
• Foster a conservation ethic
• Understand ecosystem connectivity

Two local Suffolk county schools that actively participate (with AFTU) in “Trout in the Classroom” programs are the Longwood H.S. and the William Floyd H.S.

Enthusiasm is high amongst the student participants as demonstrated by one High School’s creative video documentary of their Trout journey from eggs to fingerlings for release in local waters on Long Island, and the group’s blog page.

Longwood H.S. Video…

Longwood H.S. Blog…

In its third year, the Longwood H.S. has “Pay It Forward” by extending their TIC Program to include the Longwood Middle School in an “Adopt A Trout” initiative, whereby the Middle School rears previously hatched Trout to a releasable size.

 750x631_tic_longwood h.s._longwood middle school_.jpg

For more information on the “TIC” Program use the two links below:


  Trout in the Classroom (TIC)- AFTU Treasurer/Board Director John Vatalaro assists with "Spring Fry of the year release" for East South Manor School(May 2017)

  640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esmtr517b_resized.png

  640x_east south manor hs trout release 5-23-2017_esmtr517c_resized.png


   Eastport South Manor Release

  Congratulations to Eastport South Manor School on a successful TIC Program, and the release of their fingerlings into Kahler Pond... See photos of student participants on the Big Day!

  b1_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg

  b2_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg b3_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg

  b4_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg b5_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg

  b6_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg b7_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg

  b8_eastport south manor tic_2016.jpg


See TIC Program inspired multi-media video produced by one talented & enthusiastic student chronicling Longwood School District's TIC Program(s) 


 Trout in the Classroom (Longwood School)
Longwood released their trout once again on Earth Day this year.  Students for the High School as well as Life Skills students participated in insect inspection, water quality testing and of course the release of their beloved trout fry on the Peconic River.  All of the students, staff, and AFTU volunteers Bridget Unger and myself had a great time. It was a beautiful Spring day too!

  432x324_some of the longwood gang.jpg 

    Photo: AFTU TIC Lead Tony Erola & Longwood School Science Faculty member Ivan Suarez with student participants.   

  382x324-_more longwood kids.jpg   

    Photo: More student participants enjoying Earth Day...   

  400x445-fry.jpg   324x432-fry.jpg  

  Photos: Trout In The Classroom Trout Fry ready for stream release...

10_eastportsm tank set up.jpg

     Photo: Eastport South Manor Sr/Jr H.S. Trout Incubator/Chiller Aquarium



“Day In The Life Of The Carmans River”…

AFTU participates each fall in "A Day In The Life Of The Carmans River" program coordinated by the Central Pine Barrens Commission, Brookhaven National Laboratory's Portal to Discovery, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge.  The program is designed to celebrate the Carmans River and educate participants from five school districts on the uniqueness of one of Long Island's largest, NY State-designated Wild & Scenic Rivers.  The students collect qualitative and quantitative data on the river to better understand its condition and health as a biologic system.

During recent "A Day In The Life..." programs, AFTU has served as a site resource on the history & the operations of the Hard’s Lake "Fish Ladder", and teamed with student groups to assist with their invertebrate sampling & identification from the upper Carmans River in Southaven County Park.  

  Brookhaven National Labs Press Release...



Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County- Peconic Dunes 4H Camp…

In 2012 AFTU worked with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County to provide resource at their summer Peconic Dunes 4H Camp for youth education in the disciplines of the art of fly tying, fly casting, and introductory warm water fly fishing.  AFTU conducted one day programs to campers in the months of July & August.

Previous to work at the Peconic Dunes 4H Summer Camp, AFTU coordinated and hosted a one day Introduction to Coldwater Fly Fishing in cooperation with the Connetquot State Park facilities.  This program was a comprehensive course in fly fishing for trout for a group of former summer camp participants along with their counselors. 

Plans are in the works to continue the Chapter's relationship with the Cornell Cooperative Extension and its Peconic Dunes Camp in the coming year. Stay tuned for more from Education Chairman Tony Ertola. help make a difference!.   


Boy Scouts of America...

AFTU is available to assist local Boy Scouts of America Troops with their Fly Fishing Merit Badge preparation, i.e. Instruction for: fly rod casting, fly tying, knot tying, aquatic entomology, fly fishing tactics & strategy etc.  Interested Troops can contact: Michael Barger email: barger.michael[at] for Program details.

   710x_paying it forward_bsa troop 204.jpg  

     ***Contact John Vatalaro at    VAT75[AT]   if you are interested in participating in any of the year's Yourth Education Programs***

  ( Note: Replace [AT] with symbol @ ) 




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