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     Each year the Art Flick TU Chapter organizes destination fishing trips so chapter members can sample together the diverse waters beyond the home waters of the Carmans River, and share in a camaraderie beyond the bonds of Cold Water Fisheries Conservation & Preservation.  Past trips have taken groups to many of the rivers & streams of the  Southern Catskill Mountain region, and as far North as the upper Adirondack Mountain region.

     The Chapter welcomes ideas for future trips of interest.  If you have an idea for a group trip for the upcoming year, please contact a member of your Chapter Leadership team about it.  So, check back for news of new adventures... 


 2018  WEST BRANCH ANGLER & RESORT- Hancock, New York



What more can we say...the West Branch Angler & Resort fishing trip has become an annual event and favorite amongst Chapter members.  The trip draws nearly two dozen participants each year to the hallowed waters of the Southern Catskill Mountains.  The Delaware River system is an exceptional fishery with plenty of wild fish to keep every angling level challenged.  The time of year selected for the trip is at System's peak with plenty of masked hatches to keep any fly fisher in pursuit ...     

The dates are Friday, June 1st through Sunday, June 3rd 2018.   Plans this year again call for use of several of the three anglers/cabin units with grand views of the West Branch Delaware River.  Space is limited, so reserve your space early.  For details, costs & trip reservations contact Trip Coordinator Doug Ernst.  Email: dougsbugs2[at]  /  Phone: (631)678-7301 or speak with him during one of the monthly chapter meetings. 

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