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Home West Branch Delaware river trip...

Posted: June 23, 2015
Reported by: Phil Kee

West Branch Angler & Resort Trip...

In early June, twenty one members of the AFTU Chapter travelled north to fish the headwaters of the Delaware River system in New York's Southern Catskill Mountain region.  As in the previous year, the group enjoyed the serene and rustic setting of the West Branch Angler Resort located in the Township of Hancock, New York.  The complex sits on the south bank of the West Branch of Delaware River, and is just a short distance down river of the Hale Eddy Bridge.

For a second year, the group enjoyed the comfort of well-appointed cabins that faced the resort's "Home Pool" on the WB.

The WB is always a challenging river to fish with its wary wild Rainbow and Brown Trout, and the year 2015 was no exception.  With low river flows most of the season and late spring's warm weather, the daylight fishing was somewhat hampered, but when night fall came... Look out... as all came to life! 

All who joined this year's contingent appeared to enjoy the camaraderie of sharing a pool or riffle, swapping late evening fish tales, and the usual libations after a long day of angling  :-)

     ...A special note of Thanks to Chapter Member Doug Ernst for organizing and coordinating the trip.

As the saying goes..."A picture is worth a thousand words"... Hoping more can enjoy future adventures!

   west branch anglerresort-weekend home cabins_dsc05184.jpg

   West Branch Angler & Resort weekend cabins... home away from home.

   westbranch anglerresort-home pool.jpg

   West Branch Angler & Resort's "Home Pool" below cabins.

   saturday morning breakfast_dsc05193.jpg

   Saturday morning breakfast before getting down to the business of fishing...

   a hearty breakfast before hitting the river_dsc05194.jpg

   A hearty meal to start the weekend.

   wb monument pool_dscn1071.jpg

   PA & NY border waters_WB "Monument Pool"- upstream view.

   wb delaware_monument pool downstream view_dscn1072.jpg

   PA & NY border waters_WB "Monument Pool"- downstream view to PA Gamelands.

   resting after the long walk.jpg

   Resting from the long hot march back from "Monument Pool"...

   afternoon breakwaiting for evening hatch_dscn1079.jpg

   Afternoon break... resting & relaxing in anticipation of the evening hatches & spinner falls at dusk and then some.

   killing afternoon time.jpg

   Killing time late afternoon tossing an oversized "Big & Brown" while waiting for the evening spinner falls and hatches to commence at dusk.

   night fall comes- west branch angler  resortjpg

   Night fall comes to the WB Angler & Resort complex. 

   tonyertola_young nephew.jpg

   Sunday afternoon catch...Tony Ertola's nephew, Darion, with a fine WB specimen that came to a suspended nymph before heading home.

   first evening brown trout.jpg

   Evening Brown Trout surrenders on the PA Game Lands...

   evening brown trout.jpg

   ...and another PA Gamelands Brown Trout comes to net.

Posted: July 22, 2016
Reported by: Phil Kee

A trip to the West Branch Angler Resort in Hancock, New York has fast become a favorite and annual event for AFTU.  Last month 20 chapter members gathered at this Catskill Mountain complex to cast over some very wary & educated Trout.  Summer came early, and the group was faced with conditions of low flows, blazing sunshine, and last hour of the day hatches & spinner falls.  As always, the post angling day included a few hours of rehydration, namely adult beverages & snacks, and stories of the one that got away or the ones that did not show up!  Thanks again go to Doug Ernst who organized & coordinated this third adventure to the West Branch of the Delaware River.  Member Chris Ariola had his ever present camera out, and captured images of the weekend.

  wb1_chris ariola.jpg

  As evening falls on the West Branch, AFTU members share the camaraderie of fishing the Resort's "Home Pool".

  wb2_chris ariola.jpg

  Working a rising fish...

  wb3_chris ariola.jpg

  Mending line...

  wb4_chris ariola.jpg

  Stalking the bank in search of some heads...

  wb5_chris ariola.jpg

  Fish on!

  wb6_chris ariola.jpg

  ... Come to daddy!

  wb7_chris ariola.jpg

  Saying "Good bye" to a new friend...








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