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 Stream Improvement: Reconstruction of E Wing Dam Deflectors...

   e wing dam1_700x700_dec silt curtains.jpg

   Silt curtains set in place with several foundation posts in place.

   e wing dam2_700x700_dec crew post installation.jpg

    NYS DEC Fisheries team jetting in foundation posts for river east wing dam deflector  

   e wing dam3b_8-10-2018_img_20180810_064608.jpg

   Wing Dam face boards being attached to stringers.

   e wing dam5b_8-10-2018_mvimg_20180810_072402.jpg

   Wing Dam face boards nearly completed on east side section of wing dam deflector. 

   e wing dam6b_8-10-2018_mvimg_20180810_102939.jpg

   AFTU Project Leader Tony Ertola cutting Wing Dam face boards to finished height.

   e wing dam10b_8-10-2018_2018 -0810 7.jpg

   Chapter volunteers Doug Ernst and Gary Saunders finishing off end capping of east wing deflector.

   e wing dam7c_8-10-2018_mvimg_20180810_103044.jpg

   East side Wing Dam deflector nearing completion... Looking good!

   e wing dam8b_8-10-2018_2018 -0810 11.jpg

   AFTU Project Leader Tony Ertola taking a well earned break from pounding boards...

   e wing dam9b_8-10-2018_2018 -0810 8.jpg

   Late afternoon end of week #1, Doug Ernst, Gary Saunders & Tony Ertola admiring the work!

   e wing dam11b_8-10-2018_mvimg_20180810_120003.jpg  

   Relaxing now that the day's work has been completed... (L-R   LITU's Tom McCoy  and
 AFTU's Tony Ertola & Gary Saunders)

   wing dam_640x_finished deflectors1.jpg

   Down river view of completed set of wing dam deflectors

   wing dam_640x_east deflector1.jpg

   Down river view of completed east wing dam deflector

   wing dam_640x_west deflector1.jpg

   Down river view of completed west wing dam deflector





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